Xi Jinping and the so-called democracy of China

Sudanti Sapru

President Xi Jinping who is said to be the most powerful leader of China since Mao Zedong became the President of China in March 2013. He is the supreme leader of CPC (Communist Party of China) and it is the only political party that is allowed to lead China (refer to the first article of the Constitution of China).

But Mr Xi Jinping who would have been due to step down in 2023 removed China’s two-term limit on the presidency in 2018, allowing him to remain in power for life term.

The supreme leader of CPC is no doubt the President of China and spearhead of the world’s second-largest economy. All the other political organizations in the country are just executive organizations of the CPC of which Xi is head.

The 65-year-old leader became the supreme leader of CPC because he is the 1st-ranked member of the 7-member Politburo Standing Committee, a smaller group of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the supreme committee which leads the CPC.

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The 7 members of the Politburo Standing Committee are nominated by the 25-member Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and retired Politburo Standing Committee members. They have to be chosen from the 25 members. Then they are elected by the 25-member Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee with a closed-door meeting.

China a democratic country?

The number of candidates will be seven- exactly the number of positions. This means once you are nominated, you will win the election without exceptions. So, how were the 25 members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee chosen? They are nominated by the Politburo Standing Committee, under the supervision of the supreme leader of the Politburo Standing Committee, i.e., President Xi himself. So, now think about how come China is a democratic regime on earth.

Before Xi first be elected the supreme leader, he was the one who obeyed the previous supreme leader. He took the position because the retired leader likes him, or another way- he fired the previous leader. Among the CPC leaders, only Mao Zodang used the second way.

Chinese leaders, on the other hand, claims the kind of democracy they run as “socialist democracy.” They elucidated it as a system in which power is centralised around a single party – the Chinese Communist Party – which in turn acts in the interest of the masses.

Keeping in mind the political essence of the central authority of the Beijing, the Democratic Index (DI) produced by Economist Intelligence Unit gives China 3.1 out of 10 and classified its governance as authoritarian.

The dragon’s farce adventurism for mischievous expansionism in terms of territorial integrity and maritime domain at a time when the whole globe is tacking the deadly pandemic is just clubbing to its aggression, lack of ethics and morals and junking of international rules.

This is how the so-called “democracy” works in China. They say it “the people’s democratic dictatorship”.

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