WHO spoke about removing lockdown

Amidst rapidly growing coronavirus cases in India, a leading World Health Organization (WHO) expert has said that the situation regarding the corona pandemic in India is not yet ‘explosive’, but the country is moving towards the removal of the full ban imposed in March. Such risks remain with.

Michael J Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Program, said in his statement, “The government of India had taken a very good decision of the lockdown in March, but it has since been eased, leading to increasing cases.” According to Ryan, the good thing is that the condition of coronavirus is under control in India right now. The rate of its expansion in cities and villages in India is seen differently.

According to Ryan, the situation with the Coronavirus in South Asia can be said to be under control. Not only India, densely populated Pakistan and Bangladesh are also yet to have an explosive situation. However, there is a danger in these countries. The simplest way to prevent this is lockdown which should be relaxed at least.

India has become the fifth-worst affected country in the world, overtaking Spain in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. After this, the total number of infections in the country has so far reached 2,36,657 and the death toll has reached 6,642.

At the same time, World Health Organization chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan says that India’s population is 1.3 billion. So far, it is not a serious situation to come up with two and a half lakh cases. He advised that the Government of India should keep an eye on the situation and try to ensure that the situation is not out of control. The efforts of the Government of India have been praised even before the World Organization.

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