What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

As we all know that in today’s era, technology is the language. For our convenience, a technology is evolving from day to day.

At the time when the computer was invented, no one would have even thought that something like Smart-Phone would ever be made.

But it has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Technology is also developed in the same way as our need grows.

(Such as Robot, Computer, Laptop, Mobile, ATM, Automatic Machine and such how many machines were invented).

Now even a machine has been made that can solve a problem by thinking like a human being.

To take technology to a different level, some scientists in computer science put the Artificial Intelligence concept in front of the world. The original objective was to create a computer-controlled robot or intelligent machine or software that is as intelligent as humans. And he can solve any problem by thinking like a human being and who has the ability to take his decisions.

However, some scientists believe that such development in technology will not be right. Because such a machine can only threaten human existence in future.

In the present time, automatic machines and computers are being used very much and the technology used in them is done by artificial intelligence.

We can also say that only artificial intelligence gives the ability to think and understand automatic machines and computers.

The basic work of artificial intelligence is to create intelligent machines that are as intelligent as humans and have the ability to take decisions.

Artificial means which is created by a person and intelligence means intelligence which has the power to think for itself. Therefore, artificial intelligence means artificial intelligence.

After knowing so much about Artificial Intelligence, you will have many questions related to Artificial Intelligence. We know some people will know about Artificial Intelligence but many people will not know about Artificial Intelligence.

Those who do not know, they no longer need to worry. Only they will have to read this article of mine from beginning to end. With which they will get all the information related to Artificial Intelligence. Because today we are going to share all the information related to artificial intelligence in this article in detail.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Friends, as we all know that computer or any machine or any automatic machine can do any task very accurately and very fast. Which is not possible for any person.

That’s why the scientists of Computer Science thought of developing a machine that could solve any problem like human being by thinking.

In addition, that machine has the ability to think and understand. Along with this, he can speak, act, learn anything, and he should have Feelings and Emotion.

And in this way developing the software in an automatic machine and the ability to understand and think in that machine is called Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence.

The ability to understand this thinking has been given to humans by nature, in contrast, the ability of humans to understand thinking in that machine is given.

If you want to understand Artificial Intelligence more thoroughly, then Robot Movie can be a good example for you to understand Artificial Intelligence. Because Robot Movie is a film based on Artificial Intelligence.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Hopefully you have understood about Artificial Intelligence. Now you are giving some examples of this so that you can understand how it is being used in today’s time and what is working.





Amazon and Online Commerce




Spam Filters

Social networks

History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Research was started in the 1950s itself. But even after several decades of effort, such a software developer could not be made in the computer which could take decisions like a human being. Who can act exactly like a human being.

But it has been said that the boat does not cross due to fear of the waves, those who try are not defeated.

Scientists in computer science proved this to be true. Japan, Britain, European Union countries have started developing their own technologies to develop artificial intelligence.

Later, the discovery by Norbert Wiener proved to be very successful in the early development of artificial intelligence. This gave a ray of hope. They proved that intelligent behavior results from feedback mechanisms.

Artificial intelligence gained little recognition in the 1970s after the tireless efforts of computer science scientists.

Japan also took the initiative in 1981 on Artificial Intelligence Research. He started a scheme called ‘Fifth Generation’.

The UK also created a project called ‘Elvi’ that could develop software on artificial intelligence.

European Union countries also paid attention to Artificial Intelligence. They also started a program called ‘Esprit’.

Another major step towards modern artificial intelligence was produced. Designed by Newell and Simon in 1955, it is considered to be the first Artificial Intelligence Program.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Friends, as we all know that in today’s time, we all keep using automatic machines connected with artificial intelligence. Its use is also increasing day by day in our life.

The biggest reason for this is that the automatic machine is working more effectively than a human being.

Given its usefulness, it would not be wrong to say that the day is not far when, like any Hollywood movie, robots will dominate our world.

Let us know the types of Artificial Intelligence: –

credit: http://www.gavinjensen.com/blog/2018/ai-weak-stron
Week Artificial Intelligence

Weak intelligence or Week Artificial Intelligence is also known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence. This machine can work well only in a specific device. This machine is not smart in doing its job. But they are made to look smart.

Strong Artificial Intelligence

Strong intelligence or strong artificial intelligence is a system in which the brains of both humans and machines become almost equal. Strong Artificial Intelligence creates a machine that can actually think and act like a human being, ie the work that a human being can easily do by thinking, the robot or machine can do all the work comfortably.

Singularity Artificial Intelligence

In addition to weak intelligence and strong intelligence, artificial intelligence may also include eccentricity.

Super Artificial Intelligence

Friends, this could not be made yet. But perhaps our future is going to be in which robots and machines will be able to have better thinking society and ideas than humans. That is, the machine will leave man behind.

Artificial intelligence has made human work very easy. The work that humans do together. A machine can complete it in a few seconds.

But this facility can also become a threat to us. Because so far machines with artificial intelligence are running from the program given by humans. But when the machine starts to manufacture itself, it can put humans in trouble.

An example of how a machine can trouble a human being can be a robot movie because in it the robot starts doing its own arbitrary work, which becomes very fatal for humans.

Therefore, there is a need to work thoughtfully for its development. If such a machine is made, then it should be kept in mind that its programming system should be in the hands of humans and not in the hands of the machine. So friends, we hope that information related to Artificial Intelligence can prove beneficial for you.

Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

We are a privileged generation to live in this era full of technological progress.

Gone are the days when almost everything was done manually, and now we live in a time where a lot of work is done by machines, software and various automated processes.

Artificial intelligence forms the basis of all computer learning and is the future of all complex decision making.

Artificial intelligence is making work easier in almost every field today and work is being done in time.

AI systems are efficient enough to reduce human efforts in various fields.

To carry out various activities in the industry, many of them are using artificial intelligence to make machines that regularly perform various activities.

Artificial intelligence today has a lot of contribution in these areas.

In the field of medical science

In the field of air transport

In the field of banking and financial institutions

In the field of gaming and entertainment

In the field of agriculture

How is Artificial Intelligence Used?

As we have already said, the use of artificial intelligence has become very much in our lives.

We don’t even know how many times we use artificial intelligence throughout the day. Now we even can’t imagine our life without Artificial Intelligence.

Let us explain its use, so that you will understand yourself how much Artificial Intelligence has importance in our life.

24×7 availability

We all know that humans cannot work continuously. But this is not the case in the machine, it can work continuously (24 × 7) without brake. And he can also do it perfectly and accurately. It does not even need to be refreshed.

So, to make it work for a long time, programming is Rahul Hai Ro but it can be set to understand the violation. The machine does not stop at doing any work nor is it distracted. He can consistently do what you cannot expect from anyone.

Digital support

By using technology, many organizations have implemented the machine to communicate with their customers. Apart from this, in many companies and banks you get the option of auto mashing, auto replying so that you ask questions related to your problem. And you can get the answer related to it through automation in a few seconds.

Day-To-Day Application

You all know how important mobile has also become for us. If you use this Smart Phone, it means that you are enjoying Artificial Intelligence only. If you are using ATM, then somewhere you are using artificial intelligence.

Using Google Assistant in mobile also means using artificial intelligence.

If you use automatic driving car or take the help of GPS, then you are all using artificial intelligence only.

In this way, we do not know how many times we use artificial intelligence machine throughout the day.

The conclusion

 Artificial intelligence holds much more importance than what is described in this article. It will continue to grow in importance in the times to come.

Write to us how you felt about the article. Stay tuned to our blog.

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