Vikas Dubey Encounter: His helpful policemen and guardian leaders are safe now

Kanpur: The story of Vikas Dubey hiding many secrets in his chest is over and with that, all those secrets are buried. The encounter of Vikas Dubey also ended the tension of the policemen who worked as its helpers and the leaders who patronized it, because now their secrets will not be exposed. Everyone is aware that in the killing of 8 policemen, some policemen of Kanpur police had supported Vikas Dubey and informed him about the police raid, that is why Vikas Dubey prepared in advance and fired upon the police team came for the raid.

It was already predicted that Vikas Dubey would not be allowed to reach the court and he would be confronted on the way. People’s guess proved to be true and the UP Police gave Vikas Dubey an encounter.

Prabhat Mishra, Vikas Dubey’s fellow caught from Faridabad, had an encounter in Kanpur in the same way, Faridabad police had sent Prabhat Mishra on transit remand to UP police but the police car got damaged near Panki, after that Prabhat Mishra, snatched the pistol of a policeman and tried to run away and was then encountered by the police.

What happened with Vikas Dubey?

Today, Vikas Dubey was also confronted on the same lines. On reaching Kanpur, the police vehicle overturned, after which Vikas Dubey tried to escape by snatching the pistol of a policeman, allegedly firing at the policemen, after which the police encounters him.

According to the police, four policemen were also injured in this encounter. SSP of Kanpur Dinesh Kumar has confirmed the encounter.

SSP Dinesh Kumar says that after overturning the vehicle, Vikas Dubey escaped by snatching the arms of the policemen. He was given a chance to surrender, but Vikas Dubey started firing. He was shot and killed in retaliatory firing. This incident happened 15 kilometers before Kanpur.

Significantly, yesterday, the Ujjain police arrested Vikas Dubey from the Mahakal temple. After eight hours of questioning, UP handed over the STF weapons. Vikas Dubey was accused of killing eight policemen in Kanpur.

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