Uttarakhand forest fire: Over 180 hectares of land gutted, wildlife in danger

Uttarakhand forest fire is repeatedly taking place in the hills of Uttarakhand, destructing about 180 hectares of green cover in the Uttarakhand district amid the gruesome coronavirus pandemic.

Principal chief conservator of forests, Uttarakhand forest department, Sh. Jai Raj urged that the state has attributed a budget of Rs 16 crore to tackle the Forest fires this year.

A total of six fires incidences shown by satellite raging in North India. Out of which 5 are from uttrakhand and one in Jammu and Kashmir, said ISROs National Remote Sensing Center, in Hyderabad.

At the beginning of the month, around 2000 fires have broomed through nearly 4048 heactares of forest land in uttrakhand. Today India is going through the worst water crises situation. 330 million people suffer from drought after the last 2 months blundered.

The estimated losses to the forest department of Uttarakhand owing to the wildfires stands at around Rs 1.32 lakh. Two people lost their lives and one injured due to forest fire.

46 woodland fires have been reported for in the state till now, which has lost 51.43 hectares of timberland, up until now. In any case, what is perplexing individuals the most is the away from of broad media inclusion on this emergency.

Everyone seems shocked at how Indian media gave a high coverage to the Australian bush fire, but everyone is ignoring Uttarakhand forest fire.

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  • May 29, 2020 at 11:20 am

    This is a big tragedy for uttarakhand .


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