These five benefits of Jio 5G will change your lifestyle

Benefits Jio 5G: The biggest announcement this time is the 5G smartphone at the AGM of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL). Apart from this, it is necessary to have a 5G connection in India before launching this smartphone. Mukesh Ambani announced that the preparations for the 5G spectrum have also been completed. According to him, Jio 5G service will start in India very soon and probably within the next year.

5G smartphone will be launched in the name of Jio Phone 3

Before Reliance AGM this time, everyone was speculating about Jio Phone 3 but now it seems that the Jio company is going to bring something big in the name of Jio Phone 3. Jio company owner Mukesh Ambani while addressing his 43rd AGM said that Jio is about to launch the 5G facility in India very soon.

Consumer Applications of Jio 5G

After the announcement of Mukesh Ambani, his son Akash Ambani explained in detail about some of the special applications of 5G that 5G will benefit India. Let us tell you about some of the special benefits that 5G can have in the world and in India. Akash Ambani showed the world through a video how Jio 5G is ready to completely change the lifestyle of people in India.

5G will save lives on the road

With the help of 5G road i.e. sensors on the roads, people will automatically save their lives. With the help of 5G, the sensor in the vehicle will work and as soon as any danger comes around your vehicle, its autonomous system will not only detect that danger but will also put an automatic brake on the vehicle. In this way, Made in India Jio 5G will save you from any danger on the road.

5G will also be helpful for farmers

Farmers are the pillars of India’s economic system and society. Because of 5G, India’s technology will also digitize agriculture here. In this way, the cultivation of our country will also be called a digitized agricultural ecosystem. Here, with the help of drones, 5G technology will be able to accurately examine the cultivated land and farmers will be benefited greatly from it.

5G will increase workforce

With the advent of 5G technology, the workforce will become very large, which we can also call Upskilling Large Work Force in the English language. Because of this, more and more jobs will be available and employment will increase. In such a situation, 5G technology can be a special advantage in India’s increasing unemployment. This will give new strength to India’s economy.

Health facility will improve with 5G

After the introduction of 5G technology, the health of the country will improve. With the help of 5G, a quality healthcare facility can be made available to every citizen of India through Remote Health Care Service. Digital test of any citizen can also be done sitting at home by connecting a medical device. You don’t even have to go to the hospital to do x-rays. All these services were provided by Jio Proactive Medical Care

Internet speed will be very fast

Not the fastest Jio company, while talking about the features of 5G, said that through this, the speed of mobile internet will be very high. Reliance company named it as Blazing Fast Internet Speeds in English. Through this, now you will be able to download anything in less than a few minutes. Live streaming can be watched non-stop for hours and many such benefits will come after 5G.

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