The quarantined soldier set the ‘Ideal’

By:- Aditya Thube
Kanhur Pathar, Ahmednagar, June 7: Kailas Vitthal Thube from Kanhur Pathar in Parner taluka is serving in the military in Madhya Pradesh. He came to his village on May 14, 2020, for a holiday. Now, he is admired in his own town as well as in the surrounding area for the work he has done while being in quarantine.

On arrival at the village, he was quarantined at the village Zilla Parishad school. While here, he created a new ideal for society by cleaning the school premises and conserving the trees. Which completely changed the look of the school.

Over time, he showed what military discipline is and how a soldier expresses his patriotism everywhere. His love for school was evident.

The Zilla Parishad school at Kanhur Pathar was opened for quarantined people. Kailash Thube cleaned the leaves of the dried tree and garbage from the very first day and also the trees planted by the young kids of this school have been weeded and fertilised and watered in the summer.

He has also cleaned the school classrooms and the entire premises.
Thube’s military discipline, hygiene rules, strict adherence to it, his experience, it came in light among the citizens in actual quarantine.

The headmaster of the school Govardhan Thube Sir also thanked him on behalf of the school. He was also felicitated by the Kanhur Pathar Corona Committee for cleaning the school premises.

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