The peril of Rohingya

The peril of Rohingya

“Sometime you need confrontation in order to come up with a solution”, the US President Donald Trump once quipped. In a same way, India must think of enduring equation to end the unforgiving illicit and practically defenseless against dread settlement of Rohingya people group.

From a historical prespective, Rohingya’s are the ancestral group of Bengali origin and enunciate a Chittagong vernacular. The greater part of them were vigorously settled in Burma by British management in an attempt to grab the hegemony of ‘Arakan’ today known as the ‘Rakhine’ state in Myanmar. Myanmar has a long history of communal mistrust between the Buddhist majority and Rohingya Muslims.

The first and foremost horrible incident began in June 2012 when clashes between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims left 200 dead and disappear many. It was the rape and murder of a young Buddhist women which triggered the initial phase of that ghostly chain of events.

Again, In March 2013 an violent incident in a gold shop in Central Myanmar led to violence between Buddhists and Muslims which left more than 40 people dead. Rohingya’s claim themselves that they are indigenous to the western Myanmar state of Rakhine while the Burmese native claim that they relocate to Burma from Bengal.

The community propagated in large number within a span of short period without any family arrangement and looking at a limited resources which created disharmony between the majority Buddhist and the Rohingya.
On the other side, the Christian and Hindu community also integrating fruitfully with the majority Buddhist.

According to The Hindu report, Myanmar considers them as persons who migrated to their land during the colonial rule. So, it has not granted Rohingya’s full citizenship. According to the 1982 Burmese citizenship law, a Rohingya is eligible for citizenship only if he/she provides proof that his/her ancestors have lived in the country prior to 1823. Else they are classified as “resident foreigners” or as “associate citizens”.

Additionally, They have allegedly formed a terrorist insurgent group known as Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army(ARSA) which operates in Rakhine state.

This terror and Islamist group claimed to be killed more than 20 police officers and members of the security forces.

Myanmar’s Anti-Terrorism Central Committee declared ‘ARSA’ a terrorist group on 25th of August 2017 under the country’s counter-terrorism law. The Burmese government has alleged that this group is involved with foreign Islamists and even nurtured with Lashkar-e-taiba and Pakistani ISI.

So, allowing such member to integrate with our people in India will serve tribulation in near future.

On the other hand, India is about to become the world’s most populous nation in coming years. At the end of next decade i.e., in 2030, India is projected to have 1.5 billion people, a figure which will transcend 1.7 billion by 2050. So, In these conditions, we should avoid to become a dustbin by providing asylum to them in order to avoid any collateral damage in future.

However, Migrants like Tibetan Buddhist, Bangladeshi refugees of 1971 war and Srilankan tamil refugees also contributes to our population. Hence its unambiguous that India can’t afford to settle more refugees that will further aggravate the plight of our resources.

Their illegal settlement should now finish. I request the government to take preventive measures to curb their population as well. We can hope that the upcoming government policy NRC will do the needful and will check their illegal stay in the country.


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