Three days before the death, this is what he said while giving salary to his employees

What he said to his employees while giving them salary?

Since the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, there are new revelations about him every day. Sushant Singh Rajput had trapped himself in his house in Bandra on 14 June. Sushant’s father on Thursday immersed the bones of his 34-year-old son in the Ganga river. The reason behind Sushant’s suicide has not yet been revealed.

This is believed to be because Sushant gave his salary to the employees of his household three days before his death, and the matter which was somewhere together has raised many questions. This rising Bollywood star has left many questions behind him. The police are busy in searching for answers.

Meanwhile, after Sushant left the world, Bollywood too has divided into two camps regarding nepotism. Therefore, the police are engaged in investigating this matter from every angle. Meanwhile, a piece of shocking news has emerged.

According to media reports, Sushant paid his salary to all the employees of the house three days before his death. During this time, he had asked the servants to keep this money as they would not be able to give salary to them.

According to the Times Now report, a source attached to the police has revealed the matter of giving salary to the staff. According to the source, on the reason of Sushant not being able to give a salary, the employees said, why are you saying this? You have done so much for us we’ll hand everything together.

At the same time, Susanta’s Suicide is also being linked to his economic conditions. But many of his friends say that he was not upset due to the financial constraints. He told that he had seen Sushant happily returning checks worth crores.

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