Sonu Sood slams Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut and says people denounce when one strives to do good work

By:- Ankita Baidya

In his recent interview with The Times of India, Sonu Sood pointed out that he is least concerned about what political parties claim on him being a helping hand for the nation.

The claims were made right after Shiv Sena parliamentarian Sanjay Raut labelled Bollywood actor Sonu Sood a minion of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and claimed him to be a future campaigner of the saffron party.

Sonu said, “When those allegations were made about me and the controversy erupted, I didn’t even read what was being written. When someone called to take my opinion on the matter, I was busy arranging travel for labourers and I told the person that right now I am doing something important and I don’t have time to react.”

The Shiv Sena party leader sarcastically tagged Sonu as ‘Mahatma’ and asserted that it’s impossible for a person to do all the work singlehandedly, coming out of nowhere, which an entire government couldn’t.

He further claimed to have the support of political director behind all the good works of Sonu Sood.

Replying to this statement, Sonu further added on to say that people always look for the faults to condemn a person when someone tries to good for humanity.

“I don’t care about such allegations. The idea is, when you are trying to do something different and good, people will point their fingers at you. As a matter of fact, such allegations strengthen my resolve to do more and do better. And we actually got inspired to do more. We are, and we will continue doing the good work,” said Bollywood actor Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood’s compassion for the never-ending sufferings of migrant workers, who had no alternative other than to return home barefoot by walking miles of distance came into limelight after the actor arranged buses, trains and flights for thousands of migrants returning back to their native places amid coronavirus crisis.

His remarkable step of departing migrant workers back to their hometown under the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ initiative was lauded nationwide as the appreciation covered all over social media.

The actor helped each and every deprived netizen who reached him on Twitter, be it special arrangements to providing hotel for the healthcare folks to launching a toll-free helpline for migrant workers to departing girls stuck in Ernakulam, the actor turned angel along with his group of friends endeavoured to transport migrant workers back to their home safely.

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