Role of AI in employment and development learning

By: Jinit Parmar

Today’s market in various countries across the globe is incomplete without the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in its several products and services. Tech giants like Amazon. Apple and Microsoft have implemented AI in their products and services. AI, powered by machine learning has made things simpler and quicker. As AI is deeply being consumed daily, a persons’ daily activities are now much more easy-to-go.

One can say that AI is the boosting force which is pushing business operations to move into a dimension of immense opportunities. Alongside business operations, one also has to check into the impact and progress of AI in the field of learning and development.

Employment Learning alongside the powers of AI can enhance the overall skill set and make things in motion. As more and more diverse ways of learning are coming on board, companies are spending more on AI.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2021, companies around the globe will spend $58 billion on AI research and development.

Taking into consideration the unlimited scope of AI, how can it benefit in employment learning? Here’s how:

Data is the future. Companies rely on data for most of their work and processing. AI helps in achieving the data in a quirky and reliable manner. To acquire that data, an employee should possess the necessary set of skills.

AI helps in procuring the data in a very timely manner, as it simplifies the process of learning. Also, the abundance of information available on the web and the various mediums to procure the data has made employment learning simpler.

These techniques are just the beginning of the ever-lasting impact of AI on learning. Proper analyzing and segregation of the abundant data is possible with the help of AI. Tools like speech-to-text, VR and other soft skill learning which are backed by AI mould the employee’s skill-set.

Shedding some light on the role of AI in development, automation is the most important tool that companies use to procure clients and data. Data by IFC claim that the amount of data that was used in 2018 was 10 times more than in 2009. Data is the fuel to AI’s powers and reach. As more and more companies opt for the digital medium, the need for development is felt in every field.

The modern employee has to develop skills that take their knowledge a step ahead of others. Today is the beginning of AI in the developing markets and this possesses great scope in the coming years.

In 2018, around 3% of large companies used AI in learning and development but in 2019, around 20% of those companies have already stepped in the AI learning and development market. It is estimated that till 2025, 25%-30% of growth can be witnessed in the number of IoT devices as more and more organizations opt for AI in their operations.

Improvement in computing power and data storage ha facilitated the flow of more data.

AI has been of vital importance to giants who use it for marketing and targeting purposes. Various marketing operations that are backed by AI have provided unimaginable results.

Adaptation of AI in various fields has and will yield quality results that cater to the rightful demand of the consumers.


As more and more digitization is powered by governments and organizations in the hands of employees, the more fruitful results are yielded and, in large numbers too. As the technological landscape is been modified in the markets, the importance of learning the latest trends becomes a challenge. But with the combine assistance web and AI, all of this has been put forth in possibly the easiest way.

Investments in the field of learning and development will yield results that would be beneficial for the organization. As the popularity of AI has reached in every possible corner of the web, organizations have put forth their future plans into the hands of AI. With the backing force of machine learning and data feasibility, AI can be traced to every possible way of employee learning and development.

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