Gujarat records rise in population of lions, PM Modi expressed happiness over it

Ahmedabad, June 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the “Significant” rise in population of lions with a healthy male to female ratio of 1.64 in the state of Gujarat.

In this pandemic situation, Gujarat became the first state with such a great survival rate and a rise in population of lions.

Appreciating this, prime minister Narendra Modi twitted, “Over the last several years, the Lion population in Gujarat has been steadily rising. This is powered by community participation, emphasis on technology, wildlife healthcare, proper habitat management, and steps to minimize human-lion conflict. I hope this positive trend continues!”

Lions have recorded a healthy growth in population due to effective conservation and management efforts by the state with support from the center. The state now has 674 lions. This number includes 159 Male, 262 Female, 115 Subadult, and 138 cubs. The total growth is 29% from 2015 with a male to female ratio of 1.64


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