Rafale flies from France to India, while “Bhaag Pappu_Rafael Aaya” trends on Twitter

Rafale flies from Franceto India, trending on Twitter “Bhaag Pappu_Rafel Aaya”

Rafael, the world’s most sophisticated fighter jet, has flown to India from France, there is a wave of happiness among the countrymen after hearing the news of Rafale coming to India, while Rahul Gandhi is being mocked on Twitter, the trend is going on, “Bhaag Pappu_Rafael Aaya” the Rafale aircraft will land at the airbase in Ambala, Haryana on Wednesday. Rafael will be inducted into the Air Force on 29 July.

“Bhaag Pappu_Rafel Aaya”

On the “Bhaag Pappu_Rafeel Aaya” trend, Twitter users are tweeting Rahul Gandhi’s statements, videos in which Rahul Gandhi used to question Rafael, interestingly, Rahul Gandhi has many times said different prices of Rafael. All these videos of Rahul Gandhi are featured on social media today. In a way, it can also be said that some political parties of India, mainly the Congress, tried very hard to stop Rafale from coming to India but all failed and now Rafale aircraft will be in India within two days.

Let me tell you that Rahul Gandhi was so mad against Rafael that within 5 months he gave different prices of Rafael four times. It also became clear that what was the actual cost of a Rafale aircraft during the UPA tenure, The answer is unclear because the then Congress President Rahul Gandhi himself did not seem completely confident about this.

According to media reports, a Rafale aircraft is costing around Rs 716 crore, which is much cheaper than the Congress deal, Modi government disclosed the purchase price of this aircraft, citing the condition of ‘secrecy’ in the agreement with France. Was refused to do.

Rafael from France to India

Let us tell you that Rafael, which has flown from France, will land at Al Dhafra airbase of France in the United Arab Emirates after travelling 10 hours. The Rafale aircraft will fly to Ambala the next day after checking the fuel grade. If needed, Rafale aircraft can also be deployed within a week in Ladakh amid Indo-China dispute, Rafale fighter jet is state-of-the-art and has many features which are not available in other aircraft, China has no break of Rafale. No Harmful aircraft will be equipped with Meteor Air to Air missile, which has a marked capacity of 150 km. It can destroy the aircraft of the enemy country without crossing the border. China Pakistan does not have this capability.

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