Rajasthan Political Crisis: Priyanka said- BJP government has clarified its character

Rajasthan Political Crisis: Priyanka said- BJP government has clarified its character

A political crisis continues in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has attacked the BJP government. Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “Leadership is identified in times of crisis. In Corona’s national crisis, the country needs leadership that works in the public interest. But the BJP government at the Center has made its intention and its character clear by trying to topple the governments elected by the people.” Priyanka said that the public will respond.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “The democracy of India will run with the voice of the people on the basis of the Constitution. The people of the country will protect democracy and the constitution by denying the BJP’s conspiracy to defraud. “Rahul Gandhi had also made a tweet earlier and appealed to the people of the country to unite and raise their voice in defence of democracy. Rahul Gandhi wrote in his first tweet that let’s unite in democracy and raise our voice to protect democracy. He has also mentioned #SpeakUpForDemocracy in his tweet.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi said

Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said in a press conference, “The Governor is acting with the help and advice of the Council of Ministers, but he is listening to the voice of his mentors.” Abhishek Manu Singhvi said on Sunday that in the press release Raj Bhavan The government has responded to the questions raised by the state. With this, the Rajasthan government has demanded to call the assembly session from July 31. Singhvi said, it is very interesting to call the assembly session Before leaving, the Governor has raised the MLA’s activity, his attendance and other issues in his question. This activity of the Governor is commendable but does not come under his jurisdiction. All these issues are either looked after by the Speaker’s Secretariat or the machinery of the Government.

In Rajasthan, Congress leader Sachin Pilot has been rebelling. There are many Congress MLAs supporting Sachin Pilot. At the same time, Congress says that Sachin Pilot is working on the BJP’s signals. The Congress alleges that the BJP in Rajasthan is plotting to topple the Gehlot government. Congress has decided to stage a protest at the national level. Before the demonstration, Congress also ran an online campaign #SpeakUpForDemocracy.

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