PM Modi addressed the nation: Catch the key highlight

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday evening at 8 pm. Key highlights of the address:

Economic Package
He announced a special economic package of 20 lakh crore for a “Self-Dependent India” (Aatma Nirbhar Bharat) which will emphasis on land, labour, liquidity and law.

“Vocal for the local”
By saying 21st century is India’s century prime minister suggested the people of India to purchase and promote local brands and be “Vocal for the Local” and improve the quality, increase production and export of local goods.

Pandemic as opportunity
“Coronavirus brought a message and a chance for India to convert this ‘disaster into opportunity,” says prime minister while addressing the nation.

India’s growth during this pandemic
No PPE kits and very few numbers of N95 masks were produced in the initial days of the pandemic in the country. But now 2 lakhs of PPE kits and 2 lakhs of N95 masks are produced in India on daily basis. India’s support of medicine is now praised worldwide, said prime minister Modi while addressing the nation.

We should promote and purchase from local brand as once the global brands were Local brands. They grew up when the people purchased from them and promote them, says prime minister proudly.

India promotes Khadi
“When I requested the citizens to promote ‘Khadi’, you all did it very well and now ‘Khadi’ is a brand.,” said PM Modi.

Effective BHIM & UPI
“We are in an India where the money sent by the Government is reaching directly to the farmers and workers through BHIM and UPI” PM Modi proudly said.

“Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India)
PM Modi on talking about “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” which Stands on 5 pillars said that it comprises of economy, infrastructure, system, demography and demand.

Coronavirus as a part of our life
Saying “Coronavirus will be part of our life for a long time” he put forth that the Lockdown 4 will be announced before 18th May and the rules for it will be completely different from the previous Lockdowns.

Announcement soon by FM on package
The full detail of the economic package will be announced by the finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman tomorrow i.e. 13th May.

PM Modi also added that this package will protect the farmers and workers from the disaster like Coronavirus in future.



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