Parameters for choosing best police station’s across the country

Parameters for choosing best police station’s across the country

The Ministry of Home Affairs has delivered a rundown of the main 10 police headquarters in India for the year 2020.

Central issues

The yearly positioning is done since 2015 when the Prime Minister declared such an activity, while tending to the Directors General of Police’s Conference in Kutch, Gujarat.


To rank the best 10 Police Stations out of 16,671 Police Stations in the nation through information examination, direct perception and public criticism.

Execution Parameter:

Property offenses, wrongdoings against ladies and more vulnerable areas of the general public and so on

This year, the public authority presented three new boundaries.

Missing people, Unidentified discovered people and Unidentified dead bodies.

Execution of Police Stations situated in rustic and distant zones has been worth assessing.

This demonstrates that while accessibility of assets is significant, more significant is the commitment and earnestness of police faculty to forestall and control wrongdoing and serve the country.

Top 3 police headquarters for 2020:

Nongpok Sekmai police headquarters in Thoubal region of Manipur has topped the rundown.

AWPS-Suramangalam police headquarters in Salem City of Tamil Nadu positions second.

Kharsang police headquarters in Changlang region of Arunachal Pradesh.

Advantages of Annual Ranking:

To perceive the difficult work and empower and impart a feeling of seriousness in the police power.

It additionally gives an image of the condition of actual framework, assets and lacks at the degree of police headquarters.

The yearly exercise of positioning police headquarters functions as a steady guide for enhancements.


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