Omar Abdullah made a big announcement almost a year after the abolition of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir

Omar Abdullah made a big announcement almost a year after the abolition of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

Srinagar, 27 July: Last year, on 5 August 2019, Modi government removed Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, and made it a Union Sashit Pradesh, the coming August 5 will complete 1 year of this historic decision. Earlier, former Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has made a big announcement.

Omar Abdullah announced on Monday that as long as Jammu and Kashmir remains a Union Territory, he will not contest the assembly elections, let us know that Jammu and Kashmir will become a full-fledged state only when the central government wants it.

Before the first anniversary of the repeal of Articles 35A and 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah wrote a column in the Indian Express, “To this day, I have failed to understand the necessity of this step apart from punishing and humiliating the people of the state.” It is noteworthy that after the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, Abdullah was interned for 8 consecutive months, but has now been released under the PSA.

What he said?

Abdullah said – I have been a member of the strongest Legislative Assembly in the Valley and he is also a member of the Legislative Assembly which has a term of 6 years. But now I simply cannot be a member of the House nor will I be a member of the House which has no authority. He said removing 370 could be a “popular thing”, but it was not the right thing to do in terms of a nation’s sovereign commitments.

Abdullah wrote in his tweet, there is no constitutional, legal, economic or security justification for what was done in Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019. The National Conference with Jammu and Kashmir does not agree with this nor do we accept it.

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