Mamata Banerjee targeted BJP, said- a party trying to incite Hindu-Muslim riots

Kolkata, 21 July: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has targeted the BJP while launching TMC’s campaign for next year’s assembly elections. He has said that a party is trying to incite Hindu-Muslim riots. People are unable to speak due to fear across the country.

On the occasion of the party’s annual Martyrdom Day, Mamta said, ‘The central government has ignored us. The people of West Bengal will give him a befitting reply. Outsiders will not run the state. There are some people who have no political experience. They talk about killing people.

She said, ‘What is going on in Uttar Pradesh? People of that state are afraid to lodge a police complaint. Many policemen were killed in a single incident. Banerjee said, ‘Whether someone is a migrant or belongs to the royal family, everyone is equal to me. But attempts are being made to incite communal disharmony. A party is trying to incite Hindu-Muslim riots. Remember that people of all religions are the same. This country, Bengal is for everyone. Banerjee said that after COVID-19 and Cyclone Amfan caused havoc in parts of Bengal, all the people affected by the storm would get government assistance.

TMC chief Banerjee said, ‘Don’t worry, everyone will get relief. BJP, Congress, CPM are spreading rumours. The ration is being given to 10 crore people and will continue to get whole life. Let me tell you, Trinamool Congress celebrates July 21 every year as Martyr’s Day. On this day in 1993, 13 Trinamool Congress workers were killed in police firing. Banerjee has addressed people from her office on social media this time due to the COVID-19 epidemic. During this time large screens and monitors were installed in public places and TMC offices across the state.

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