Lockdown 4.0. Catch the top highlights

The ministry of home affairs has taken the decision to extend the lockdown for 2 more weeks that is till 31st of May 2020. Follow the brief highlight:

Highlight 1:– In lockdown 4.0, the big development is bound to take place. Schools and colleges will remain close. Air travel continues to be restricted. Downloading Aarogya Setu app has been made compulsory.

Highlight 2:- Meanwhile, state governments have been given a lot of liberty to adopt various e-activities. Shops can be opened with staggered timing and social distancing measures keeping in mind the social distancing norms.

Highlight 3:- National directions for COVID-19 management shall be followed throughout the country. The Five zones defined by the centre are containment, buffer, red, orange and green. The delineation of various zones will be decided by the respective states and UTs, considering the parameters shared by GOI.

Highlight 4:- Although, people above 65 years and under 10 can’t venture out. Hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, malls and gyms remain shut. All air travels except for emergency prohibited. Inter-state buses to start with mutual consent.



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