Labours arrived in Bihar by truck, no scanning recorded initially

After travelling by road for three days from Madhya Pradesh, half a dozen labourers of the Diara of Kahalgaon reached Kahalgaon on Wednesday where all were kept in quarantine.

All the labours boarded truck from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh and reached the border of Bihar where they were fed and sent by bus to Bhagalpur. The ambulance was sent from Bhagalpur to Kahalgaon where they were kept quarantined in the town hall of the city.

The labours told that they had come to harvest the wheat crop since they were working in remote rural areas and due to lack of train facilities, they had to resort to trucks. The trucks had to be changed three to four times on the way. During this time, they had to pay one thousand rupees to the truckers. On the way, we had to face a lot of trouble to eat and drink.

Later on, In the course of their arrival from Madhya Pradesh to Bhagalpur, they were not investigated anywhere. Ambulance allocated by authorities to bring them to the subdivision hospital, Kahalgaon. They were checked there and later quarantined at the town hall shortly afterwards. They said that they are completely healthy.



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