Imran Khan’s obsession with India than his own country

If one closely looks at his tweets, one will instantly come to know how much Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan is obsessed with India than his own country in spreading false narrative and anti-Hindu propaganda just for his penny politics to please his headmasters sitting in Pakistan Army.

A recent tweet by Imran Khan who is surviving on China’s alms and running a country which is in debt and cash-strapped twitted a waspish offer to India.

While quoting a news report, Imran Khan tweeted: “according to the report, 34% of households in India find it difficult to make ends meet without additional support. Therefore, I am ready to provide details of the most successful cash assistance program for India, which has been praised globally for its transparency and access to the public.”

India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) outrightly denied Khan’s tweet by saying India’s economic relief package is as large as Pakistan’s GDP.

“Pakistan is better to know for making cash transfers to accounts outside the country rather than giving to its own people,” said MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava.

Recalling Pakistan’s devastating debt problem and cash-strapped economy, Srivastava said in a virtual conference that: “Pakistan would do well to recall they have a debt problem, which covers 90% of its GDP and they are asking for debt restructuring.”

On the other hand, hours after Imran Khan’s tweet, Islamabad comes up with a status check of the country’s drowning economy. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Imran Khan’s advisor on finance and revenue, released the economic survey that estimates Pakistan’s debt will rise to 88% of the GDP and the economy will shrink for the first time in 68 years by 0.4%.

Imran Khan whose 90 percent tweets are directed on India in peddling fake news hasn’t tweeted anything about the pathetic and gruesome economic condition of Pakistan.

After the abrogation of illegal blunder Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Imran Khan’s obsession with India and especially with Kashmir has grown. Although, he has been caught by Indian social media handles for peddling and ranting fake news about Kashmir and about the Indian security forces.

Pakistan’s government, is, however, facing backlash in their own Balochistan province. Balochistan Insurgency has been intensified. Their current young leaders are now leading the struggle from the front against the Pakistan establishment. Pakistan is trying to crush insurgency with its military might, will lose the whole province sooner or later like what happened in East Pakistan in 1975.

Religious minorities continued to face discrimination and persecution in Pakistan due to likes of the anti-blasphemy law, forced conversions of non-Muslims girls, and enforced disappearances.

The religious and civil rights of minorities in Pakistan, their places of worship, property, and institutions has been harmed and persecuted time and again since its partition from India in 1947.

The majority Muslim population in the country stands at 96.26 percent of the country’s total population. Christians are 1.59 percent and Hindus 1.60 percent. Muslim minority groups such as Shias, Ismailis, Ahmadis, and Bohris also make up a respected proportion in the country’s population.

Historical facts also claim that Shias and Ahmadis among other minorities faced timely persecution in Pakistan. Since the partition, minorities were attacked but the motive of the attack wasn’t clear. May be political to wipe out the whole generation or something else. And leave Hindus, they can’t expect any better from them.

While quoting a report, In April 2019, at least 24 Shia Hazaras were killed in a suicide attack in a vegetable market in Quetta. According to one report, at least 509 Shia Hazaras have been killed since 2012. This is the state of minorities in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, under the leadership of Imran Khan, the religious freedom remained under constant threat. According to the stats, 31 people have died, 58 injured, and 25 under blasphemy cases. This is the tally of Pakistan’s religious minorities since Prime Minister Imran Khan took the oath of the office. This is his so-called ‘Naya-Pakistan’ which is working under the influence of their army and is hollow from inside.

Moreover, Pakistan continued to remain in the ‘Grey List’ by the global terror watchdog, FATF. They warned Islamabad of stern action if it fails to check the flow of money to terror groups like the LeT and the JeM.

Hence, prime minister Imran Khan who is surviving on the subsidy of China, ‘grey-listed’ by FATF, must leave twitter aside and work something better for the people of Pakistan and lookup for the coronavirus outbreak. As the Imran Khan government has no plan and no direction to deal with the grave pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak is all set to increase rapidly in Pakistan further.

Polity Press Staff

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