How to create a website and earn money?

Here in this article, we have talked about How to create a website and earn money by ranking it on the first page of Google search engine through

It’s a time wherein 2020 anyone in this entire world can start a website, these days making a website from scratch or coding is not the only option, you don’t have to master JAVA or HTML for beginning a website nowadays.

There are a few steps by which you can start your website/blog for your very own business or niche website.

  • First decide, what type of website you want? What kind of content you’re going to publish on it?
  • Take your time to think.
  • Do Brainstorming
  • Take advice from your friends/teachers/colleagues/family
  • Decide the name of your website.
Done with the above-given steps? Now go ahead!
Follow every step given below if you desperately want to start a website/blog.
First, we will talk about what you need to start a website 


A domain is your custom web address ( If you are starting a website that means you want to earn from I mean who doesn’t want to gain from their website and for that, you need your website to get ranked on Google search engine, and Google mostly ranks sites with custom domains.


Imagine you have a website now you’re going to upload images text etc. on your website, and that will occupy some space and hosting is that space you buy from any provider. ( I’ll provide some right domain and hosting provider below)


Here we’re not talking about making a website trough scratch, so we need WordPress to create our website; it’s a free online platform that allows you to create your site for free.

Now to build a fully mobile website, you need a domain and a hosting to make it accessible by others, you need both of them; they both are useless without each other.

Now you have the domain and hosting, then setting up WordPress is just a few clicks away. And let me tell you WordPress is the most popular website builder on the internet nowadays. 30% of the active websites on the internet are on with WordPress.

Now open your Cpanel account given by your hosting provider. (You can try GoDaddy or Bluehost to buy hosting and domain)

#STEP1 (Domain)

Register a domain it can be anything,, You can choose any custom domain available as per your website name.

But keep in mind the domain you select will be your website name and web address forever.

Buying a domain won’t cost you much money (It will cost you around 700-1000 per year)

  • Buying a dot com domain is good for your site.
  • choose your domain like .com, .net or .org if you want to target visitors internationally.

#STEP2 ( Web Hosting)

Having a hosting is essential in addition to a domain.

Web internet hosting is a service that permits organizations and people to put up a web site or net web page onto the Internet. … Their laptop will then hook up with your server and your webpages will probably be delivered to them via the browser.

Buying a web hosting will cost you around 200-300 for a basic start there are premium hosting also which will cost around 700-800 per month.

I will recommend Hostinger because it gives you the best deal as per my experience.

Choose a hosting provider which will give you following things free with hosting:

  • A domain
  • SSL certificate
  • Professional email
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Customer Support

If you found some provider who will give you these things wait don’t waste time go buy it.

we recommend you to try Godaddy or Bluehost for hosting and domain, they can give you a better deal in comparison of others, and they are trustworthy also.

Web hosting

#STEP3 ( Setting up WordPress )

Once you have both hosting and domain ready for your website the next step for you is installing WordPress on your system also known as CMS.

Here we recommend you WordPress because it’s easy to use and you add many plugins for your website to look more good and add many more features into your website.

Installing WordPress on your Cpanel

After you have hosting you’ll get a Cpanel account from the provider.

Login in to your Cpanel account where you will find WordPress option thereafter scrolling a bit.

Login to WP

Setting up WordPress isn’t that hard your host does it for you.

So when you login into your WordPress just enter some of your basic details and boom you’re done setting up WordPress.

#STEP4 ( Verify your SSL/HTTPS Certificate )

Keeping it short SSL makes sure everyone who visits your site is secure.

If you have a good hosting plan it will automatically add SSL on your website.

How to view if your site has an SSL certificate.

You should see a lock icon next to your domain name in the web browser.

It may take time for setting up SSL completely, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to build your website.

#STEP5 ( customize your site as you want)

After you have a domain, a host, an SSL, WordPress.

The next you’ve to do is customizing your site as you want it to be.

File:WordPress 5.0 Dashboard.png - Wikipedia

Choosing a theme for your website

Now choose a suitable theme for your site which is lite and loads fast.

That’s completely on you that what type of theme you want for your website, there are plenty of themes available for free on WordPress and there are paid themes also which have more features than the free one.

How to Customize WordPress Themes Tutorial

Install the theme you like

After you’ve selected the theme then install the theme from there only, after activating the theme you can customize it your way.

Add some plugins

From the plugin, option install some useful plugins for your site.

Activate those plugin and apply it on your site

Creating a WordPress Plugin Part 1: Adding the Admin Page

#STEP6  ( Customizing your Website )

  • Attach the logo of your site.
  • Give your site a title.
  • Add site description.
  • Apply widgets.
  • Edit header and footer of your site.
When you know have done everything.

Make an account on Google Search Console and get your website indexed on Google.

Make an account on Google analytics and from there check you site insights like traffic, web clicks, audience, users, etc.

Be consistent and upload unique content on your website

And when you know you have traffic on your website and you have unique content on your website too, then get your website approved by Google Adsense and start earning from showing ads.

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