Has secularism really deprived us of our real history?

To keep the politics of votes and a particular section happy and the pretence of secularism has deprived us of the real history and is still trying to keep it deprived.

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More recently, the Congress government has added incorrect information about Maharana Pratap from the Class 10 textbook to Rajasthan and the details of the battle of Haldighati have been summarized

The battle of Haldighati was previously described as inconclusive in the book, but now it shows the victory of the Mughals in it, which is against logic and facts because recent research has revealed that even after the war, Maharana Pratap’s land on that area was was the effect.

History cars believe that this war was inconclusive because
  • Akbar’s Mansingh and Asaf Khan S heartburn
  • Mughal army fleeing the battlefield
  • Mewar’s army not to be chased

There are some grounds that do not prove the fight in favour of the Mughals.

The facts related to the attack on Mansingh, Maharana Chhatri and his beloved horse Chetak have been removed from the book.

Not only this, but Maharana Pratap has also been described as heroism, valour, valour and lack of military skills. From this, you can guess how much these people have fallen for Votes. Akbar himself was praised for his valour.

What the people of his country are writing in books about the world which Maharana Pratap narrates about the heroism of Pratap. Pratap which had great human-like strength. In terms of military skills, there was no better military commander than him in that century. He set up an army with the tribals.

Defeating the Mughals in the war of the British liberated their land, it was proof of their military prowess and they started guerrilla warfare which led to Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji Inspire and escalate it. But they will not write all this because their lies will be revealed by this.

Not only about Maharana Pratap, but lies have also been written about Rana Udai Singh and Rani Padmini.

Rana Udai Singh is described as the killer of Banveer but history car believes that Banveer had fled towards Maharashtra after Malva lost in the war.

Mohammed Jayasi, who wrote on the subject of Padmini after 236 years of Khilji and has written his Kori Kalpana in history books. The reason for Khilji’s invasion of Chittor is reported to Padmini, but Amir Khusro and Badauni, contemporaries of Khilji, do not mention it anywhere and consider the cause of war as political and economic.

The Congress government of Rajasthan has fallen very low for votes. Even going against the wishes of the author and the convener of the book, changes have been made in the book, and when the protest has started, the Rajasthan Education Board has overthrown it and it is fully described as the decision of the government.

Now you can guess how history is being twisted in the circle of secularism and all this is happening in the centre being BJP government which pretends to be a nationalist government.

What has secularism done?

Secularism has not only closed eyes to the rigour of our Hindu heritage but has given too much importance to garnering votes and highlights the undue importance of facts about other religion.

If you look at Facebook, you can see the greatness of Hindu architecture displayed in our ancient temples which are neglected by the Congress party. But they give a lot of advertisements for Qutub Minar Charminar and Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal was built on the demolished Shiva temple but no one wanted to know us. The Taj Mahal is shown as a symbol of love but the builder Shajahan is dishonest and within a few days of his Mumtaz’s demise he got married with her sister.

There are many small states from where brave warrior kings fought Bristol and created terror but their names were completely omitted in our history books by British teachers, our current textbooks of schools and colleges have not changed them, even though They know that there are false records.

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