Gudan Trivedi arrested in Mumbai said in court – take me by flight

Mumbai, July 12: Gudan Trivedi, close to Vikas Dubey, the killer of 8 policemen killed in the encounter, was arrested by the Maharashtra ATS in Mumbai yesterday. Gudan was produced in court after his arrest, from where he was sent to judicial custody till July 21 in Taloja Jail. During this, Gudan’s lawyer made a peculiar demand in the court.

Gudan Trivedi’s lawyer demanded in court that Guddon had said that he should be sent to Kanpur by flight instead of the road, Arvind feared that he would be killed when he was taken by road. However, the court has not given any decision after hearing his side. Now after the arrival of UP police, the hearing will be held.

It is noteworthy that Prabhat Mishra was being brought from Kanpur by Faridabad to Kanpur when the vehicle overturned and Prabhat tried to escape by snatching the pistol of the police, after which the police stationed Prabhat in the encounter. In the same way, Vikas Dubey also had an encounter, perhaps that’s why Guddan Trivedi is scared.

Polity Press Staff

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