Got death threats after dismissing Sachin Tendulkar in Oval Test: Tim Bresnan

Former English fast bowler Tim Bresnan said that he and Australian umpire Rod Tucker received death threats after dismissing Sachin Tendulkar in the 2011 Oval test, depriving him of getting his 100th international century.

Sachin Tendulkar who was batting on splendid 91 in the second inning of the fourth test match, was given Lbw out by Umpire Rod Tucker.

“This ball, it was probably missing leg anyway, and umpire Tucker gives him out. He was on 80-odd as well (91). We win that test match and series and go to number one in the world,” Bresnan said in one of the podcast.

“We both get death threats, me and Rod Tucker, I got’em in Twitter they were giving proper threats, how dare you give him out? It was missing leg? ” Said, Tim Bresnan.

Bresnan said, when I got Tucker after a few months he was like “Mate, I’ve had to get security guard protection and stuff after the incident in Australia.”

The India team lost that fourth test match at the Oval by an inning and 8 runs. Lately, Sachin Tendulkar got his milestone against Bangladesh in an Asia Cup match in 2012.

Sachin Tendulkar, also known as ‘God of the Cricket’ by his fans is the only batsman in the history of cricket to hit 100 centuries with 15,921 and 18,426 runs in Tests and ODI respectively.

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