Flood catches destruction in Assam, suffering life of humans and animals

The northeastern region of the country is currently reeling under a severe flood crisis. The most affected state is Assam, along with the villages here, the condition of cities and towns is also bad. The present-day Corona crisis and the subsequent floods have hit Assam twice. Due to floods in Assam, humans, as well as unruly animals, are suffering.

71 people have lost their lives due to floods in Assam. There are many people trapped in flood-affected areas who are being rescued and taken to a safe place. Not only human life but also animals and animals are affected by this flood.

27 districts of Assam are in the grip of floods and more than 39 lakh people are affected. NDRF teams are also continuously conducting rescue operations. 80 per cent of Kaziranga National Park has been submerged. This has put a crisis on the existence of protected wildlife here.

Kaziranga Park director P Sivakumar has said that 66 animals have died so far and 170 animals have been rescued. In a flood-like situation, there is a very severe crisis for animals. A number of campaigns are also being conducted for animals, but the situation in Assam will take time to recover.

It is reported that one-horned rhinoceros has also died in Kaziranga National Park due to floods. The National Park has said that four rhinos died due to drowning in floodwaters. At the same time, a rhinoceros has died naturally.

Five wild boar, two bison etc. have also died. The Park Authority, forest personnel and the ‘Center for Wild Rehabilitation and Conservation’ have so far rescued more than 120 animals.

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