Five PUBG Alternatives

Five Best Games You Can Play After PUBG BAN, Five PUBG Alternatives

Continuation of Chinese apps in India continues. After closing 59 Chinese apps on 29 June, now 47 other apps have also been banned yesterday. These 47 apps were a cloned version of previously banned apps. Now the banning sword of the Government of India hangs on Pabji too. According to the report coming in the media, the Government of India is also considering banning PUBG.

Now if the PUBG game is banned, then which such games are in India, which can be used as an alternative to PUBG. Let us tell you about the games, which can be played as Alternatives after PUBG BAN.

Call of Duty: Mobile

You must have heard about this game at some time or played it in childhood as well. Let us tell you that the Call of Duty game has been successful in maintaining popularity among children for more than 10 years.

In this game too, just like PUBG, 100 players land on one ground and are vying to kill each other. In the final, a player who survives wins the same. So this game is also exactly like PUBG. The game was first developed in 2003 by a US-based company Activision.


Fortnite game is also very similar to PUBG. At the time when PUBG game was launched, Purbaji was very much compressed with Fortnite. The design of this game is also similar to that of PUBG game. In this too, 100 people land in a battle gaunt and they have to kill everyone and live till the last. To play this game, gamers have to make their plan i.e. strategy to kill other players during the game itself. This game has also been made by the US developer company Epic Games.

Knives out

This game is also an alternative game of PUBG. This game is also used by people to play like PUBG. In this game too, 100 people land in a helicopter and kill each other. There is a difference from the rest of the games in this game that everyone starts fighting as soon as they get on the field. This game also belongs to a US company.

Garena free fire

Like PUBG Mobile, a game is named Grena Free Fire. This game is also played by a lot of gamers in India. This game is considered to be a light version game of PUBG. Perhaps it is said that playing free fire is easier than playing PUBG. According to gamers, it is a lot of fun to play this game and complete the upcoming challenges. The game has been developed by Singaporean company Sea Ltd.

Battlelands royale

Battlelands Royale is also a game similar to other games. However, the limits of this game are less than the rest of the games. For example, there are only 32 players in this game and it gets only 5 minutes of playing time. This means that you get only 5 minutes of time to play this game. Instead of 100, only 32 people have to fight in the battlefield. In this game, gamers have been complaining about the slow processor for a long time. The game is made by FuturePlay, a Finnish company.

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