FIR enrolled against Jamia Millia Islamia law student Mahoor Parvez in UP for calling martyred soldiers and police workforce as ‘war criminals’

The police said that an FIR has been enlisted against Parvez under non-bailable IPC section 505-B, 505-2 and the applicable areas of the IT Act.

A case has been enlisted against Jamia Millia Islamia University understudy Mahoor Parvez in Bulandshahr in UP on Thursday for alluding the martyred Indian fighters in Handwara experience on Sunday as ‘war hoodlums’. As per the reports, the 22-year-old understudy was set up for the premise of a grumbling recorded by a Bajrang Dal office-carrier named Praveen Bhati. The case was documented in Bulandshahr’s Khurja police headquarters.

The FIR expressed that Mahoor Parvez, through her Instagram post last Sunday, “attempted to plant seeds of sharpness among various areas of society.”

Praveen Bhati, a legal counsellor and Seh Sanyojak of the Bajrang Dal’s Bulandshahr unit stated, “While our troopers are setting out their lives for the nation, a few components inside our country who have their personal stakes to serve are insulting their sacrifice. We won’t endure such enemy of national exercises and will rampage in the event that she was not captured by the police soon”.

Grievances against Mahoor Parvez were additionally documented by advocates Manoj Kumar, Dinesh Yadav, Aman Shokeen, Sakshi Goel, Suchitra Kaintura, Priyanka Singh, Jyoti Verma, Pranav Bhaskar with the Cyber Police station in Delhi, saying that the remarks of Mahoor not just damages assessments of groups of martyred officers and police workforce, yet it is likewise a rebellious demonstration against the country. The promoters requested to activity against him under different areas of IPC and IT Act.

The police said that an FIR has been enlisted against Parvez under non-bailable IPC areas 505-b (Whoever makes, distributes or circles any announcement, talk or report with a purpose to cause, or which is probably going to cause, dread or caution to the general population, whereby any individual might be prompted to submit an offence against the state or against the open quietness), 505-2 (proclamations making or advancing hostility, contempt or malevolence among classes) and the pertinent segments of the IT Act.


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