Farmer drinking Pesticide along with his wife, whose fault is this?

In this country, the child of a poor farmer does not want to grow up and become a farmer. What will you do? One day, he will also be forced to either hang himself or drink Pesticide. The picture is painful to see the children crying, keeping the father’s head in the lap. These farmers are so buried under the burden of poverty that you and we can hardly guess. A person named Dabbu Pardhi was holding land in an unauthorized way which was allocated to build a model college.

What Administration did?

Several criminal cases are also registered on Dabbu. But the government will not arrest or beat the real culprit. Dabboo leased this occupied land to the poor farmer Rajkumar. Who was cultivating it. The Guna administration sent the police, (including the officer tehsildar) and JCB to remove encroachment from this land. After the land measuring took place, the Rajkumar and his family begged that their crop should not be ruined. That land does not belong to them, but it was their harvest and hard work.

I have said this many times before that compensation never makes up for the profits. However, it is not mentioned anywhere that the government talked about giving profits to the Rajkumar. On the contrary, he and his wife were lashed by the police. The matter could also be solved by explaining it. But who likes when a poor speaks?

When Rajkumar and his wife could not explain their point even after being beaten, they lost and drank pesticide. Seeing their children crying, those officers will be disappointed. Steep crop in which a poor farmer must have sown the seeds by borrowing, and must have fertilized by borrowing.

It is not worth the effort of the poor. On the basis of that one crop, he will have some expectations. When all those hopes are suppressed by sticks of the JCB and the police, then what will be the choice other than suicide?

What Administration is up to?

If the administrations motive was to kill then they would find Dabbu Pardhi, kill it, or have waited for the time to clear the land when the crops are harvested. When the construction work remains cold in heavy rains, then what did the government want to uproot by doing ground worship of the land? Even people like Dabbu Pardhi never get caught by the administration, who grab land in an unauthorized way and steal it and give it to the poor farmer.

And we then we talk about saving culture and civilization in this country. Listen, these are poor farmers, are they the keepers of this thousand of years old culture and civilization of this country, Keep them before any temple.

Polity Press Staff
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