The top court confirmed the Ex-Kerala Royals to run the Padmanabhaswamy temple

The Supreme Court has ordered the preservation of the rights of the Travancore royal family in the administration of the historic Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is being spoken here. The Supreme Court has recognized the authority of the royal family of Travancore in the management of Padbnabh Temple.

There was a legal dispute between the management and the administration for the last 9 years over the financial mess in the Padmanabha temple. But after the decision of the Supreme Court, now the matter seems to be quiet. Till present, the committee headed by the District Judge of Thiruvananthapuram would worship the temple until it got involved in the management of the royal family.

After this decision, Aditya Verma, a member of the royal family, said that we wholeheartedly welcome the Supreme Court’s decision on Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple. This re-establishes our family relationship with Lord Sri Padmanabha. The family is happy about this. We look forward to reading the entire verdict.

The temple is said to have assets of around two lakh crore rupees. There are many cellars here, in which a bonus of millions of crores has been kept.

The Royal Family of Travancore challenged the Kerala High Court’s 2011 judgment in the Supreme Court, which ordered the administration of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple and the state government’s acquisition of the property. The High Court had also ordered the opening of all the cellars of the temple.

While five of the six chambers were opened inside the Thiruvananthapuram temple and the list created by the court-appointed team, a vault named Kallara in Malayalam has been closed for years. The former royal family of Travancore has argued that opening the vault would result in misfortune due to the legendary curse.

However, senior advocate Gopal Subramaniam, who was assisting the court as Amicus Curiae, said that the vault was opened on several occasions in the past.

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