Shameful incident in Rajasthan: Eight teachers raped by calling a sixth class student to school!

Shameful incident in Rajasthan: Eight teachers raped by calling a sixth class student to school!

Alwar, 25 July: The gruesome incident which has embarrassed humanity from Rajasthan has come, yes! Eight teachers and an administrator jointly carried out the rape incident by calling a girl studying in class 6 in school. The whole case is about a private school in a rural area of ​​Alwar district.

On the complaint of the aggrieved party, in this case, the police have registered a case and started the proceedings. At night, Superintendent of Police (SP) Tejaswini Gautam also reached the village and spoke to the victim and her family, inquired about the incident.


According to the Patrika, on Friday, a man at the police station complained that his 13-year-old girl studied in class-6 in a private school in the area and has been studying in the same school for the last three years, on July 20, a schoolteacher Came home and told his daughter to come to school and take her TC. At which her daughter panicked. On 23 July, the school administrator and a teacher again came to his house and said that sending his daughter to TC would be taken. After she left, her daughter started crying loudly.


On being asked by relatives, his daughter said that the school administrator raped her several times by taking her to school and home. When the other teachers came to know, the other eight teachers and the driver, in collusion with the administrator, raped her daughter. In which three female teachers of the school also supported him. Everyone threatened his daughter and threatened to kill her and her father if they tell anyone about it. The police have started investigating on the basis of a complaint by registering a case against 13 people. There is a lot of outrage in the district after this gruesome incident. Some accused are being questioned in custody, the girl’s medical has also been taken.

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