7 most worst-hit coronavirus cities in India

1. Mumbai – India’s financial capital tops the worst affected table among cities with more than 12,142 positive cases including 748 new cases registered on Friday. The city has seen 462 deaths due to coronavirus infection, including 25 on Friday. 1,867 people have been discharged after treatment. 

2. Delhi – India’s national capital is the second on the list of worst-hit city-state with 6,318 cases, but has a relatively low death toll of 68. 

3. Ahmedabad– Gujarat’s most populated city has more than  5,260 positive cases which is highest in Gujarat and a cause of concern for administration. Over 1000 has been recovered in the city and 343 people lost their lives. 

4. Pune– Maharashtra’s second worst-hit city has 2,177 cases. 730 people have been discharged here. Some areas in this hotspot have, however, shown positive signs in flattening the curve. 

5. Chennai– According to last available data released two days ago, Tamil Nadu’s capital had 2,644 active cases.

6. Indore– Called as the mini Mumbai of India, the city had 1,727 cases including 86 fatalities. It is the worst affected city in Madhya Pradesh. 

7. Thane– A Mumbai suburb, it has registered 2,053 cases of coronavirus, including 21 deaths. 359 people have been discharged so far.


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