Covid-19 and declining fatality trend in heaviest COVID state of Maharashtra

Sunil Ganorkar

In the initial phases of the corona pandemic, the scientists, medical officers, government officials in the world were unable to gross fully the nature, extent and effects of the pandemic. Thus the initial response was not well thought out and focussed.

This was a first of its kind global pandemic in which thousands of people faced death, across the world. In this scary situation, a harsh lockdown was implemented resulting in economic chaos. The death rate in this phase was high and the recovery rate low.

Gradually information about the virus became known. The questions such as how does the virus spread, and the enter our sacs in the lungs, hampering their functioning and causing cytokinin storm which kills the patient, were answered. Also, the symptoms of the disease, the medicines, drugs and equipment needed like ventilators etc became known.

The measure to be taken like wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, avoiding crowds and arresting the spread of the virus by creating containment zones and other techniques were developed. The result was that the scientists, doctors, government officials began to implement well thought out plans and strategies.

Likewise, in the state of Maharashtra, similarly, police implemented laws to protect us from the coronavirus as other states. The public health officers made available infrastructure, medicines and equipment and developed procedures for treating infected patients. Thus the fight against the coronavirus became more effective and result oriented. Ofcourse mistakes were made but we learnt from our mistakes. As a result of this death rate declined.

In spite of all this, one factor makes the fight against corona very tough. The rate at which the virus spread is very very fast. Initially, the doubling rate of patients was round for about one week. It was controlled and now it is approximately is to 20 days. Still, it can be said that the rate at which cases are doubled is so high that the doctors, hospitals and medical facilities cannot cope with the number of patients.

If you read the newspaper you find that patients are not able to get admission in hospitals and they die in the process of getting admitted to the hospital. All hospitals are overcrowded, doctors and nurses are overworked and medical facilities are under severe strain.

If we consider the state of Maharashtra we find that the death rate is slowly decreasing. The state has taken much wise decision, for example, symptomless positive patients can be quarantined at their residence, instead of a total and rigid lockdown containment zones are locked down, the testing of patients has increased and a rapid antigen test is introduced, new effective medicines like remdesivir and fabflu are approved, ambulances are now controlled by the authorities, private hospitals are asked to co-operate, the morale of doctors, nurses, police, sanitary and waste management workers is high, ventilators are being made indigenously, All this has resulted in the decline of death rate in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai.

This was, although, the best news which we have heard since long is that an Indian vaccine may be available by around 15 August.

I am sure that everybody is praying with fervour to the almighty for early availability of the Indian vaccine, which will allow us to lead a normal life without fear.

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