Coronavirus: India tally nears 80,000 mark

With an increase in 3,722 new cases and 134 more deaths reported in the past 24 hours, India has now 78,003 total COVID-19 cases. The total number of deaths in India has jumped to 2,549. The total number of active cases in India is 49,219.

Also, with a recovery rate of 33.6%, 26,234 number of COVID-19 patients are recovered so far.

Maharashtra leads the list of ‘Most Corona infected states.’ The state has 25,922 total COVID-19 cases and 975 deaths till now. The recovery rate in Maharashtra is 21.39% and 5,547 patients are recovered successfully.

Gujarat is affected by 9,267 cases and 5,66 deaths due to Coronavirus, followed by Tamil Nadu with 9,227 total cases. Tamil Nadu has the lowest mortality rate i.e. 0.06%.

Delhi has 7,998 total COVID-19 cases and 106 deaths. So far, 2,858 patients are recovered in Delhi.

Rajasthan leads Madhya Pradesh in no. of Corona cases but vice-versa in cases of deaths. Total no of COVID-19 cases in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are 4,328 and 4,173 respectively, while the number of deaths is 121 and 232.



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