Congress and AIMIM leaders put mother and daughter in death to defame Yogi government

Lucknow, July 18: In order to discredit the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh, the Congress leader and the leader of Owaisi’s party AIMIM hatched a conspiracy that, on hearing that the ground would slip, yes! The leaders of both parties instigated a poor mother and daughter and put them to death. After this, the Yogi government was targeted.

The mother-daughter of Amethi, who tried to commit self-immolation by setting fire to the body in front of the Lok Bhavan in Lucknow on Friday, video of the incident went viral after all the opposition parties, including the Congress, were in the state. The Adityanath government has been attacked, now the Lucknow Police has made a big disclosure in this case, Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey said that both women were instigated for self-immolation to defame the government, in this case, the Congress and the AIMIM party An FIR has been registered against the leader.

Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey

Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey, while giving a press conference on the entire issue, said that women were incited under the conspiracy for self-immolation, in which some people played an important role, including MIM leader Qadir Khan and Congress leader Anoop Patel. FIR has been registered against 4 people.

The police commissioner said that the people on whom the FIR has been filed had instigated the woman to come to Lucknow to try self-immolation, to show it off, by doing so the matter will be highlighted. And the dispute that was resolved will be resolved. According to the police commissioner, before committing self-immolation, the women went to the Congress office and met Congress leader Anoop Patel, from there he also called a media person to highlight the cases.

The police commissioner said that the evidence found so far is clear that Congress leader Anoop Patel incited the woman to self-immolation, the police said that AIMIM district president Kadir Khan of Amethi involved in the incident was arrested and brought to Lucknow. Other accused are being pressed for arrest. Both the self-immolating women, Safiya (50) and her daughter Gudiya (28), who lives in Amethi, are seriously injured, continuing treatment in the hospital.

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