China has trapped PM Modi in its trap: Said Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, 20 July: Lok Sabha MP and senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have once again launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi by a video on twitter and had said China has trapped PM Modi.

“China’s Strategic Game Plan” He has shared a video on his Twitter account, in which he is attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for presenting his fake image. In this video, targeting the Modi government on the China issue, Rahul says, this is not a simple border dispute, my concern is that the Chinese are sitting in our border. China does not take any step without strategic thinking.

This is not a simple border dispute

Rahul says that the map of the world is drawn in the mind of the Chinese and they are shaping it according to their own. What he is doing is his scale, under him is Gwadar, in that comes the belt and road. It is actually a reconstruction of this world. So when you think of the Chinese, you have to understand at what level they are thinking. Now if you look at the strategic level, They are strengthening their position, be it Galvan, Demchok or Pangong Lake. They have a clear intention, to go into a strong position. They are upset with our highway. He wants to close our highway and if he is thinking of something big, along with Pakistan in Kashmir. So this is not a simple boundary dispute.

This is a planned border dispute

Rahul says that this is a planned border dispute, to put pressure on the Indian Prime Minister and he is thinking about putting pressure in a special way. For this, what he is doing is attacking his image, he knows that it is compulsory for Narendra Modi to be an effective politician. To remain as a politician, he has to defend his 56-inch image and this is the real idea that China is attacking. They are basically telling Narendra Modi that if you do not do what China wants, then they will ruin the image of a strong leader of Narendra Modi.

How PMs respond is an important question

Now the question arises how Narendra Modi will react. Will he face them, will he accept the challenge and say no at all. I am the Prime Minister of India. I’m not worried about my image, I will face you, or he will lay down his arms in front of them, it has been my worry till now that the Prime Minister has come under pressure.

I am worried that the Chinese are sitting in our area today and the Prime Minister is openly saying that he is not sitting within our border. This clearly shows me that he is worried about taking his image and is more focused on saving his image. If the PM gives the Chinese a chance to understand that the PM is concerned about the image then he can be taken into clutches, in such a situation, the Prime Minister will be of no use to the country.

Polity Press Staff

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