Changes in Consumer Protection Act from today

Changes in Consumer Protection Act

New Delhi, 20 July: Central Government has given great relief to consumers. Under which several provisions of the Consumer Protection Act have been changed. Notifications have also been issued regarding this, which will be applicable from today i.e. July 20. The biggest change in this has been about advertising. If now any company will make air claims in the advertisement or mislead customers, then strict action will be taken against it.

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District Forum renamed

According to the new Act, the name of the District Forum has now been changed to the District Commission. Earlier, cases up to 20 lakh were heard here, but now up to 1 crore will be heard. Apart from this, the State Commission can hear cases up to 10 crores. If the cases are more than 10 crores, then the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has been given the responsibility for the same. Under the new rules, a professional arbitrator may be appointed, which will be agreed between the parties.

Petition can be filed online

If the district commission imposes a fine on a company and has to file an appeal to the state commission, it must first deposit 50 per cent of the fine. There has been a major change in the Act, which will provide relief to consumers. Previously, where the other party lived, the consumer had to go there and file a petition, but now this has been changed. According to the new act, the consumer can register a case from his location according to his/her convenience. The government has made it clear that the consumer can only file an online petition. There is no provision of hearing through virtual means video conferencing. It is hoped that a decision may also come soon on virtual hearing.

Understand all the changes through pointers:
  • The District Forum was now renamed the District Commission.
  • The District Commission will be able to hear cases up to one crore.
  • At the same time, the state commission will be able to hear cases up to 10 crores.
  • If there is a case of more than 10 crores, then it will go to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.
  • Wherever the consumer resides, he can lodge a complaint.
  • If the State Commission is to challenge the decision of the District Commission, they have to deposit 50 per cent of the fine imposed.

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