BJP hits out at Rahul Gandhi over border row with China

An old tweet of Rahul Gandhi was shared by BJP on Friday on his talks with then Chinese envoy to take counteraction at the Congress leader over his call to prime minister Narendra Modi to share the details of the particulars of the current border row with China.

BJP leader and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad took to Twitter and said: “Rahul Gandhi has asked the PM to share public details about keen China border problems. I consider that Mr.gandhi has a correspondent knowledge arrangement in place. Didn’t he had a meeting with the Chinese delegate amid the Doklam dilemma?”

The Congress party had initially refused that any such meeting had occurred of Rahul Gandhi with then Chinese envoy but accepted after the public outburst.

The present Sino-China stand-off is said to be turning out as the biggest military stand-offs since 2017 Doklam row.

India confirmed that these boundary discord will be cleared up over talks.


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