Bihar Minister hits out at AAP’s falsity

Bihar Minister Sanjay Kumat Jha on Wednesday hits out at Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for falsly quoting that Delhi government has paid for the tickets of 1200 migrants from Delhi to Muzaffarpur.

I saw a tweet by a Delhi minister saying they are paying for the tickets of 1200 migrants who are travelling from Delhi to Muzaffarpur. I have a letter here sent by their government asking for the reimbursement of money from the Bihar government, says Sanjay Kumar Jha, Bihar Minister

“On one hand you are taking credit saying you are sending them back on your money & on the other hand you are asking Bihar government to return the money”, further added Sanjay Kumar Jha.

Earlier, Sanjay Kumar Jha, who is the minister for water resources blamed the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi for the mass migrant exodus and further questioned its claims that migrants were being taken care of in the national capital.


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