Beyond the foreign policy and India’s presence at the global level

By:- Sunil Ganorkar

The chronicles of the past few years give us a clear indication that India is on a path to take up its rightful place as a member of the group of leading countries of the world. Donald Trump, President of the world’s powerful nation, has to take notice of our country’s important position in world affairs and invite us to join the G-7 group.

We are the world’s largest democracy, having a large workforce of young people in the productive age group, our people are technically skilled, hard-working and we have made our presence felt in the USA and other countries, especially in the IT industry.

Many Indians are a large constituent of the workers in many countries, most notably in the Gulf countries. In fact, there is hardly any place in the world where Indians are absent. India was never a country that the world could afford to ignore.

In the past, Indian leaders had very little presence in the world’s affairs. Our foreign policy was based on “Non-Alignment” which meant that we refused to be an ally of any group of powerful nations, as a consequence of which we were largely ignored by the groups of powerful nations. In the past, our leaders did not give much importance to making our presence felt in global politics. Our leaders were content with having an upper hand in Indian politics and that of our neighbors.

However, since the last few years, this approach to our foreign policy has changed. Now our prime minister is seen to be interacting with all the world’s leaders and visiting their countries to promote Indian trade and commerce as well as conveys to the world the Indian viewpoint on many issues especially “terrorism”, which has become an alarming problem for the world at large. In fact, some time ago opposition parties criticized our prime minister for spending a lot of time abroad.

But this investment of time has borne fruit. Now Mr. Donald Trump consults Narendra Modi on all important world issues. In fact, Mr. Donald Trump considers Narendra Modi as his friend. Chinese leader Mr. Xi Jin Ping came to India and had talks with Mr. Narendra Modi. Russians have been our staunchest allies in the past. German chancellor Angela Merkel and French prime minister have good vibes with Mr. Modi. Our minister has also been made the chairman of the committee of the world health organization. The Australian prime minister is eager to establish a good rapport with Mr. Modi.

At the moment the world is battling with the corona pandemic. Mainly lives are being lost daily and economies are in shambles. The world leaders are shaken up due to the loss of lives of their countrymen as well as the grim economic future. A blame game has begun, and many fingers are being pointed at the Chinese. China is in an aggressive mode, ranking up issues with Taiwan, Hong Kong and border disputes with India clearly indicates that the world is being divided into two groups, one led by USA and Europe, the other by China and allies. The USA wants to counter check china’s growing economic clout as well as its aggressive behavior.

In such a scenario it is quite natural for Mr. Donald Trump to invite Narendra Modi to be a part of the G7 summit. The USA and its allies see India as a crucial country that has the capacity to checkmate Chinese aspirations.

Our country should take advantage of the current situation and join the G7 group. We should assert ourselves and boldly state our point of view. It is quit possible that in the future we may get an opportunity to be included in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), a most powerful world body.

The world situation is changing very fast as a result of the corona pandemic. Many countries are dissatisfied with China as they feel that China is hiding information regarding the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan. They consider china as an unrelatable partner in economic development. India should offer a better alternative to china, to the world businesses and businessmen. At the moment, the Indian foreign policy is on the right track. Let us hope for the best.

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