American aircraft reached Andaman, China on target

Pune, July 19: The LAC in Ladakh between India and China has been escalating for the past several months, at the moment there is a great outrage against China all over the world, meanwhile, there are reports that the US with 3000 navies and 90 fighter jets The American aircraft carrier has reached Andaman and Nicobar and no one but China is on the mark.

The US has increased its patrol from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean amid continuing tensions with China. The USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier in the seventh fleet of the US Navy after finishing manoeuvres near China, has now reached the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Indian Navy is already conducting manoeuvres in the region.

According to the information, the US has deployed three of its aircraft carriers in the area to curb China’s growing activities in the Indian Ocean. The 332-meter-long aircraft carrier deploys around 90 combat aircraft and helicopters and around 3000 naval personnel. After any glare in China, Karara is ready to answer.

Explain that given the current situation between India and China on LAC, many powerful countries of the world are supporting India, countries like America, Russia, France, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan have openly taught China a lesson. I have made up my mind to support India.

Polity Press Staff

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