All about cyclone Burevi

All about cyclone Burevi

As of late cyclone Burevi has made a landfall on Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern territories, prior to heading towards south India.

This comes days after Cyclone Nivar hit the Puducherry coast.

Central issues

Named by: Maldives

Burevi versus Nivar:
Tornado Burevi would not reinforce past the power of a cyclonic tempest due to upwelling brought about by Nivar.

Upwelling is the cycle wherein cooler waters from lower sea surfaces are pushed towards upper sea surfaces.

Without warm ocean surface conditions, any tornado, for this situation Burevi, won’t get enough fuel to escalate further while adrift.

Further, communication with land mass has eased back its development and power.


A typhoon is an extraordinary round tempest that begins over warm tropical seas and is portrayed by low barometrical weight, high breezes, and substantial downpour.

A trademark highlight of hurricanes is the eye, a focal locale of clear skies, warm temperatures, and low barometrical weight.

Tempests of this sort are called storms in the North Atlantic and eastern Pacific and hurricanes in SouthEast Asia and China. They are called hurricanes in the southwest Pacific and Indian Ocean area and Willy-creeps in north-western Australia.

Tempests pivot counterclockwise in the northern side of the equator and clockwise in the southern half of the globe.

The conditions positive for the development and increase of typhoons are:

Huge ocean surface with temperature higher than 27°C. Presence of the Coriolis power.

Little varieties in the vertical breeze speed.

A previous feeble low-pressure territory or low-level-cyclonic course.

Upper uniqueness over the ocean level framework


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