About Us

Polity Press is a public affair based news venture which manifests unbiased and independent Journalism in the public sphere. It brings the truth to the efficacy of accountability and impartiality. It endeavours to deliver refined information in a rapidly changing media discourse. The founding belief of the Polity Press is this: “Our principles must be loyal to JOURNALISM only”. 

Polity Press includes categories like General News, Politics, Agriculture, Sports, Technology, Chinar, COVID-19 Crises. The agriculture sector is still in distress. Even after the 71 years of our Independence; we as a nation have failed to provide them with the proper facility, forget about helping them with money during the phase of a failed crop. Moreover, Chinar is a dedicated category for the events of Jammu and Kashmir. Being a crown of India, the territory is close to the hearts of team Polity Press. Hence, the above two sections have also been included in our venture.  

Believe in us, our Journalism is fair, we’ll deliver. But, we cannot do it without you. We are ready to become the voice of the voiceless, pillar for the rights of the underprivileged and the marginalised. 

Polity Press is completely independent of corporations.  

About The Authors

Akhilesh Dhar is a media trainee who likes to write political columns with an interest in conflict and national security based reportage. He had interned with national media outlets like MyNation and Zee Business and with media agency IANS. He is frequent contributor to the various regional news media portals. Akhilesh Dhar has so far extensively worked on the subjects like Rohingya crises, India-Pakistan relations, social issues, strategic concerns, tracking BJP etc.

There are many things he like to do, to see, and to experience. He like to read, He like to write; think, dream; talk and listen. He like to see the sunrise in the morning, too. His hobbies ranges from playing and watching cricket, observing things with proper analysis etc. He is never counting into calories, so I eat junk food a lot.

Akhilesh’s body and mind is never motivated for working out in a gym. I have no routine of what I do daily in terms of exercise. I have paid money in gyms multiple time and went only for the initial week or so. Later, he stopped resisting the feeling that he can’t gym and accepted it. Now, he may irregularly give a chance to yoga, walk, jog, or whatever feels like doing and it has given him better results than gym.

Akhilesh constantly keep on analysing thoughts, feelings and patterns. This has helped him understand his own self better. He no more blame other people or situation for how he feel. He take full ownership of himself.

I stay away from all sort of negativity. If he know a certain movie have upsetting content, I will not watch it, also making him a kind of emotional person. He mostly stick to watching friends on repeat and it has never failed me. He don’t play games or tries to remain almost free on the weekdays.

Ashwin Bhat is a Journalism undergrad with having enormous interest in the field of photography. He is studying at DY Patil International University. He regularly tries to explore new skills and grasp them at earliest in order to remain industry relevant. He had interned with reputed media organisations such as Mass Studios, where he delivered various successful projects with History TV18, BBC Earth and Discovery. His second internship revolves around the digital mainstream media with news agency Indo-Asian News Service (IANS).

He is very adventurous person too and like to take the risk. He like to do a creative thing besides doing old stuff again and again. Learning new things is one thing which he always enjoy. He always update myself with the news.

Along with this, he is fond of reading a few children magazines in which different motivational stories are there. They taught him a high moral lesson. He is a very confident person and know how to talk.He try to speak to every person according to his requirement so to understand the above people perfectly.

He is a little bit lazy at some places which he himself don’t like to be. While playing time, he passes most time there which is not a good habit, but he try his best to overcome his weaknesses.

Aim or ambition is the inner aspiration of man. No man can do anything in the world without having an aim. So, all of us should be very determined about our aim in life, is something what he think abruptly.