275 other apps, including PUBG, on the verge of being banned, the government closed 47 apps

275 other apps, including PUBG, on the verge of being banned, the government closed 47 apps

After shutting down Tiktok and 59 Chinese apps in India, the Indian government has now started investigating some other apps to see if the national security and privacy of any user is endangered by those apps. If national security or privacy of any user will be threatened by any apps, then the Indian government will also stop those apps.

Now 275 apps on the verge of being banned

According to a report published in The Economic Times, this time the central government has put 275 Chinese apps in its list, which it can ban. These apps include apps like PUBG, Zili, Russo, AliExpress and ULike.

However, according to some media reports, the Government of India has once again banned 47 apps. These 47 apps were clones of 59 previously banned apps. These include light versions of some apps. However, no official information has yet been received about these newly banned 47 apps, nor has a list of those apps been received.

PUBG has South Korean connection

This time, PUBG’s name is also included in the list of apps to be banned. PUBG is a video game developed by a South Korean subsidiary company called Bluehole. It is also backed by a Chinese big game company, Tencent. We also told you about it.

These Chinese apps are likely to be banned

Talking about apps other than PUBG, the Xiaomi company owns the Zili app. At the same time, Russo and ULike company own ByteDance, which was the proprietary company of TikTok. Apart from this, AliExpress is also an app of Alibaba.com company.

India is a largest market for PUBG

PUBG has been installed 17.5 times in India, according to Sensor Tower, an intelligence firm. Hence, India is the largest market for PUBG. Apart from this, they have about 300 million unique users in India when it comes to Chinese Internet companies. Now it has to be seen how many and which apps the central government bans in India.

Recently 59 apps banned in India

On 29 June in India, about 59 apps were banned by the Indian government. TikTok was the most popular app among these apps. Apart from this, not only TicketLock but many apps like Hello, Shareite, UC Browser are included in this list. Let us tell you the names of all the apps on this list. The Ministry of Information Technology has banned 59 apps from China under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (IT Act).

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